Made hummus last night
Yet another average batch
Who forgot the salt?

Why Should I Kiss You?
Just Because You Are Irish?
And Have a t-shirt?

So, Bottled Water
Invented 30 Years Ago
Still Doesn’t Make Sense

Variety pack
12 different beers, one box
No one drinks the stouts

Bluetooth earpiece, in.
Alone, eating some lo mein.
Ready for business.

Hippie pot smokers
Why do you talk so funny?
Like, “Duuuuuuuuuuude, tooootally.”

Delivery guys
Love biking down one-way streets
Going the wrong way

One order of fries
Heaping fistful of ketchups
Use three, throw out rest.

Country vacation.
NPR gets fuzzy. Gone.
Must be getting close.

Umbrella in hand
Walking New York City streets
Pokin’ out eyeballs

Some things are perfect
Peanut butter and jelly
Is one example

Sitting down to pee
Often the only option
With a hangover.

Szechuan dinner
Fire alarm rings early
Spicy wake-up call

Cucumber sandwich.
An English delicacy.
So bland, what’s the point? 

Cranberry harvest
Buoyant, red, inedible
Jersey’s sour treats